Portland Film Scene

There is no place in the Pacific Northwest better to study film than Portland, Oregon.  The city is a filmgoer’s dream and a filmmaker’s dream.  An aggressive new state tax incentive program is bringing more major film and television productions to town than ever before (among the productions we’ve hosted recently: the TV series The LibrariansLeveragePortlandiaGrimm, and The Real World; and the films GoneWildParanorman, and the Twilight saga).  We’ve become a hotbed of computer-based animation and visual effects as well as commercial production and advertising, thanks to major agencies like Sockeye and Wieden & Kennedy.

But we’ve also maintained a dedication to our roots as a bold, independent film city, home to such legendary maverick filmmakers as Gus Van Sant and Todd Haynes.  With more than thirty screens in the city dedicated to showing independent and repertory film, we have a higher indie-to-Hollywood screening ratio than any city in the world.  And Portland is home to literally dozens of local, independent film festivals (if you can’t find a film festival somewhere in the city on every single weekend, you aren’t looking hard enough).  Among our prestigious festivals are the Portland International Film Festival, POWFest, the Northwest Filmmakers Festival, Experimental Film Festival Portland, the Portland Underground Film Festival, and the Portland Music Video Festival.

In a recent study, Movoto collected per-capita data for the U.S.’s 100 largest cities in an attempt to crown The Best Film City in the Country.  They looked at the number of movie theaters, indie theaters, film festivals, film societies, museums, and other attributes.  Guess who won.

And Moviemaker magazine recently named Portland “One of the Ten Best Cities in America for Filmmakers”.  Moviemaker likes Portland so much, they even moved their offices to our fair city.

Portland State’s Film Program is located in downtown Portland, in the heart of the action, in the best place to study film in all the Northwest.