Update to the “Cinema in New York City” Program

The billing and application process for the Summer 2017 “Cinema in New York City” program has been simplified. Where we previously requested that a check for the program fee be attached to the application form, we now need only the form. The fee will instead be placed on the student’s PSU account after we confirm the enrollment in the program.
The priority deadline for the submission of applications is 2/6. The late deadline is 2/20.
If you have any questions, or if you would like an application form and info packet on the program, please request one from Prof. Morrow via email: morrow4@pdx.edu. psu-0032_nyc-poster_b-copy

NWFC Workshop on Distribution

Rescheduled for Saturday, February 4th. A fast-paced seminar with the found and ED of Film Sprout along with guest speakers from Collective Eye distribution, Filmmaker Magazine, and director Beth Harrington of “The Winding Stream.”

Discounted Student Passes for PIFF

Students can get a pass to PIFF, which runs February 9-26, for a deep discount. Only $200 (compared to the regular price of $350). It’s a great deal to for those who want to immerse themselves in the latest international cinema!

PSU Film Students at Work

In Fall 2016, PSU Film students worked with local nonprofit Looptworks to produce a series of short videos for Prof. Courtney Hermann’s Branded Media course.

Study Film in New York through PSU

Few cities in the world can compete with the diversity of cultural experiences offered by New York. The city is an icon of contemporary civic life. Portland State Film’s “Cinema in New York City” summer program will immerse students in the filmic culture of the nation’s largest metropolis. Through tours, site visits, guest speakers, screenings and lectures, students will learn about the political, artistic, and cultural histories of New York and find ways to tell the city’s story through their own film productions and research projects.

Students will investigate New York’s distinct neighborhoods, its institutions and organizations, its people and its history through narrative and nonfiction creative work, and through the critical study of the city’s cinema history. New York is the one of the world’s media capitals, and some students may even choose to lay the groundwork for future internships, or explore the possibility of relocating to or visiting New York to work in the global media industries in which it provides so many incredible opportunities.

Students will take two courses in the program, for 8 total credit hours. Both courses can count toward the student’s film major requirements. FILM 384 “New York on Film” will provide the contextual, historical, and critical background on the city’s long history in filmmaking, filmgoing, and scholarly film culture. FILM360 “Production in the City” will challenge students to tell stories of New Yorkers and the city through their their own film and media production work.

The program will run in Summer Term One in 2017. Interested students should email Prof. Morrow at morrow4@pdx.edu to request an info packet on the program. The info packet details the schedule, travel, housing, coursework, and costs associated with the program.