Our core faculty consists of:

Prof. Mark Berrettini, whose publications include the book Hal Hartley (University of Illinois Press) and essays for such journals as Camera Obscura, Cinema Journal, and Scope

Prof. Dustin Morrow, whose films include the award-winning feature Everything Went Down, and whose publications include the book Producing for TV and New Media (Focal Press) and a forthcoming collaborative book with actress Kathleen Turner

Prof. Amy Borden, whose writing has appeared in the journals Domitor and Jump Cut and in the book Beyond the Screen: Institutions, Networks and Publics of Early Cinema (John Libbey Publishing)

Prof. Amy Eliza Greenstadt, whose writing has appeared in The Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies, Shakespeare Quarterly, and the book Rape and the Rise of the Author: Gendering Intention in Early Modern England (Ashgate Press).

Prof. Dave Colangelo, whose writing has appeared in Public Art Dialogue and The Journal of Curatorial Studies. His work as a media artist with Public Visualization Studio, working primarily with large-scale public projections, urban screens, and media architecture, has been presented at conferences around the world.

Prof. Courtney Hermann, whose work has aired on PBS’s Emmy-award winning documentary series POV, has been favorably reviewed by The New York Times, has been featured at the dOCUMENTA contemporary art exhibition in Kassel, Germany, and won audience awards at several film festivals.

Prof. Kristin Hole, whose writing has appeared in Angelaki and in the edited volume Fashion and Film (Indiana UP, 2011). Her recent book is entitled Towards a Feminist Cinematic Ethics: Claire Denis, Emmanuel Levinas, and Jean-Luc Nancy (Edinburgh UP, 2015).

Prof. Jungmin Kwon, whose writing has been published in academic journals such as the International Journal of Communication and Journal of Fandom Studies. Her book manuscript, titled FANtasy Changes the World: Korean Female Fans and Their Gay Imagination, is under contract with the University of Iowa Press.

Prof. Jennifer Ruth, who is the author of Novel Professions (2006) and, with Michael Bérubé, of Humanities, Higher Education, and Academic Freedom. She currently serves as the Editor of the AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom.

Prof. Matt McCormick, whose films have screened at the Sundance Film Festival, MoMA, the Reykjavik Art Museum, The Viennale, SXSW, the Moscow Biennial, the Liverpool Biennial, Art Basil, and many other venues.

Learn more about our core faculty at our School website.

In addition to our accomplished core faculty, our School has recently hosted a number of accomplished instructors, including film scholars C. Sue Brower, Andrew Beard, and Sara Bernstein; visual effects producer J. Bills (The Hobbit, Paranorman, Man of Steel); Emmy-winning TV producer Steve Amen (OPB’s Oregon Field Guide); writer/producer Thom Bray (Nash Bridges, Designing Women); actor Michael O’Connell (As the World Turns, Unsolved Mysteries); actor Edwin Collier (McCabe and Mrs. Miller, Paint Your Wagon); and author and film critic Shawn Levy (The Oregonian).  Visiting filmmakers have included the preeminent Native American director Chris Eyre (Smoke Signals, Friday Night Lights), legendary genre filmmaker Fred Dekker (The Monster Squad, the upcoming Predator film), screenwriter Jon Raymond (Wendy and Lucy, HBO’s Mildred Pierce), indie filmmaker Andrew Bujalski (Computer Chess, Results); cult filmmaker Steve De Jarnatt (Miracle Mile, ER, The X Files); and the acclaimed Julie Dash, whose film Daughters of the Dust is on the Library of Congress’s National Film Registry.

Interview with Prof. Mark Berrettini:


Interview with Prof. Dustin Morrow:


Interview with Prof. Amy Borden:

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