Oregon ArtsWatch Seeks Intern

Summer Internship: Oregon ArtsWatch

About Oregon ArtsWatch: Founded in 2011, the nonprofit website has become a leading source for local and statewide arts journalism. Covering classical and jazz music, visual arts, theater, and more, and relying on a seasoned roster of contributors, ArtsWatch has recently enhanced its coverage of film in an effort to fill the gap created by the retreat of local daily newspapers in that area.

About Barry Johnson: ArtsWatch founder and editor Barry Johnson has been a respected voice in arts coverage for decades, notably as the Arts Editor and an arts writer for The Oregonian from 1983 to 2009.

About Marc Mohan: ArtsWatch film editor Marc Mohan is also an Oregonian veteran, having written about movies on a freelance basis for the paper since 1998. Since joining ArtsWatch earlier this year, he has spearheaded the creation of a section devoted to the diverse and plentiful independent and art house theater scene in Portland.


To work with an experienced film critic, observing the ins and outs of the daily reviewer’s job.

To attend advance screenings of films ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to upcoming art films, documentaries, etc.

To submit work for publication on Oregon ArtsWatch with the potential for freelance payment.


To assist with social media and other promotion relating to Oregon ArtsWatch and its film section in particular. (Facility with Twitter & Facebook required)

To help maintain databases of contributors and members and interact with them via e-mail.

To perform occasional copy editing tasks on website content. (Facility with WordPress a plus)

Total responsibilities should not exceed 10 hours per week


Marc Mohan

film editor, Oregon ArtsWatch