University of Pittsburgh Film Program

There is a terrific program at the University of Pittsburgh, the Hot Metal Bridge Program, which allows post-baccaulareate students who help further Pitt’s diversity goals to spend a year in the department taking graduate courses and consulting with a faculty mentor.  The program provides tuition and a stipend.  The program is designed especially for students who are interested in PhD programs in the areas of our department (comp-rhet, film, and lit) and who seem intellectually well-suited for graduate study but who need to shore up their preparation, perhaps because they didn’t major in the field in which they now would like to pursue a PhD or because their undergraduate institution didn’t offer coursework that supported their interests well.

The program has had some great successes: students from the HMB Program are now in PhD programs at Vanderbilt, U of Texas-Austin, and U of Wisconsin-Madison as well as at Pitt.

The deadline is April 15, and the application and more information about the program can be found at

Please contact Prof. Borden ( if you’d like more information.