Message from The North Portland Unknown Film Festival

We’re called the North Portland Unknown Film Festival and we’re accepting submissions via Film Freeway through June.  We would like to offer to the students and faculty at Portland State University this discount code: PSU  which will allow filmmakers to submit any genre/length of film for only $5.

We are on a mission to put together a strange selection of film and are encouraging you to spread the word to the more avant-garde and underestimated filmmakers and film artists in your life.  We are a festival of the international kind, but it is important for us to show a good representation of the Northwest.

That code will also work for the 2-minute, late night session in which filmmakers can submit any film under 2 minutes. Films will automatically be accepted and the filmmaker will receive a ticket to the event.  In our experience, ultra-short, all inclusive fests like this are a hoot!

The North Portland Unknown will be held October 15th, 2016 at Disjecta.