Feature Film Seeking Interns


COMPANY: Arch Cape Films LLC


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Seaside is a micro budget feature film, a thriller set in Portland and at the Oregon Coast, which is shooting for three weeks starting April 11until early May. Pre-production began the week of March 7.

SEASIDE LOGLINE: Daphne, a young Portland go-getter, moves to the coast with her boyfriend, Roger, to get married and start a family. But when they run into Susanna, an awkward local, Daphne realizes that Roger hasn’t been completely honest about his past and Daphne will have to fight for her relationship and perhaps her life.

Seaside will be submitted to major international festivals,including Sundance, Cannes, Toronto, and Berlin. The producers will partner with a sales agent to help position the film and prepare for potential sales, including theatrical, television, and VOD. If Seaside is not screened at one of these festivals, producers will continue to submit to the next tier of festivals, using festival screening fees as potential release and revenue opportunities to recoup investments.

Interns will work alongside film professionals and earn hands-on experience. Student will get an inside view of the ins and outs of independent feature filmmaking from a talented and award-winning crew.

EXPECTATIONS FOR INTERN: Student(s) will be expected to show up to work on time, ready to work at her/his assigned tasks. Student will be reimbursed for any reasonable expenses incurred during shoot for the completion of her/his assigned tasks and will be provided with meals and lodging in the same manner which crew is provided. Student will not be required to have any previous technical skills although any previous film/video experience will be valuable.

Please contact Alyssa Roehrenbeck at 971-212-2872 or Alyssa@soundskript.com