Registration Starts Next Week

The Schedule of Courses is online, and registration starts next week (Seniors on W 2/17). 
Film Group Advising is on 2/11, 2/16, 2/23 from 4-5:30 in LH 331

As you plan courses, please note:
1. The prereqs for the production courses FILM 358, 359,
and 362 are FILM 131 and FILM 257 OR FILM 258. There is a glitch that we are fixing, but it is not in effect for Spring 2016. Students with prereq issues need to contact the course instructors for Special Registration (Profs. Hermann, McCormick, and Morrow).
2. All students must get instructor permission Prof. Hermann via Special Registration for this course 

​FILM 360 Advanced Cinematography

3. The prereqs for all other FILM 360 are correct.
4. New courses in Video Game Design!

​FILM 199

 Intro to the Fundamentals of Art

​1 credit 2 day class​

​FILM 199

Intro to 3d Modeling for Real-time Applications

1 credit​ 2 day class​
FILM 360 ​
​Intro to 3D Modeling and A​nimation
​4 credits