Brian Trenchard-Smith Visits Portland State Film

On Monday morning, legendary genre filmmaker Brian Trenchard-Smith visited with Portland State Film production students in the Neuberger film studio.  Famously Quentin Tarantino’s favorite filmmaker, Trenchard-Smith is a  British director of more than 40 movies, whose most notorious and successful films came out of the “Ozspoitation” phenomenon, the B-movie explosion in 1970s and 1980s Australia. Among his cult classic films are Dead End Drive-In, The Man from Hong Kong, Turkey Shoot and Stunt Rock. With his 1983 hit BMX Bandits, he discovered actress Nicole Kidman. His most recent film was last year’s action-thriller Drive Hard, starring John Cusack and Thomas Jane. He is currently developing a thriller that will shoot on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and star Ving Rhames. The talk was moderated by Portland State Film faculty Dustin Morrow.

A huge thank you to Mr. Trenchard-Smith for taking the time to visit us!