Production Job

Organization name

NIDA Clinical Trials Network

The title of your proposed project

Therapeutic Educational System

The project

We are a non-profit seeking to hire a student/young filmmaker to help us with a project.  We are updating an online educational program called the Therapeutic Educational System.   We would need voice overs for 27 modules (each about 5-6 minutes).   In addition we need 4-5 video vignettes each around 90 seconds to 2 minutes.  All work will be done in Portland. We have the scripts and the actors.   We need someone to film and edit the short videos as well as record and edit the voice overs.

The educational program will be used with American Indian/Alaska Natives who are in a drug treatment program as a tool to help them stop using drugs and alcohol.

Here is an example of what the program looks like:

On the top of the page click on TAC examples, click TES, click About TES.  This page describes our program and has a link to the module itself (scroll down towards the bottom for the video).

Once you click on the video you can click on the arrows at the bottom right of the screen to move through it.


We are hoping to conduct this work in August/September 2015 in the Portland area. We hope to do the video shooting over 2 days during that time and a few weeks for video editing and voice over recording/editing.

What is expected from the student

The student will film and edit the videos along with record and edit the voice overs. All production tools will be the student’s responsibility. We will hire the actors and write the scripts.

We will upload the video and voice overs onto our program.

Student benefits

The student will gain experience and build their portfolio. The student will be compensated $4,000 upon satisfactory completion of work.

Contact Us

You may contact Eva Turrigiano at for more information and to apply.