Internship News: Ruby McCaffrey-Allen working on ‘Portlandia’ and ‘Green Room’


Ruby McCaffrey Allen writes to us about her recent internship experiences:

Over the summer and through October I was given the opportunity to intern for our local hit television show “Portlandia.” It is produced by IFC and is known around the world. But, more specifically I was in intern for the wardrobe and costume department, which meant getting to work with the talent very closely. It was an amazing and educational experience, as a fan and a film student. I was able to work under two Emmy award winning costume designers, Amanda Needham and Monika Kreiger, and also helping and teaching me every step of the way was costume supervisor Tanya Smith. The whole experience was amazing, fun, educational and helped to expand my career opportunities in the near future. After completing my internship with “Portlandia” I was asked to work as an on-call production assistant for a local film currently shooting titled “Green Room” with director Jeremy Saulnier, the acclaimed director of “Blue Ruin”.