Camera Operators Needed at OPB

Scott LaPlante
National Trustee, NW Chapter
Former News Operations Manager KING-TV and KIRO-TV, Seattle
I am inquiring about the possibility of some technical support from Portland State University film students for a webcast NATAS is producing at Oregon Public Broadcasting on October 22nd from 6-8:30pm.
The Next Generation of Media Ratings and Demographics program, will be a four camera, Live interactive webcast and will be available nation-wide.
I am still looking for two camera operators and an audio operator to complete my production crew. I am hoping you can help by checking with your film students who may be looking for internship credit, some work experience or good industry contacts, for helping with this production. I would like to have them at OPB at 4:00pm on October 22nd for a technical run-through and production meeting. They would be done no later than 8pm.
Scott LaPlante