Upcoming Workshop

Cameraless Filmmaking: Botanicollage with Caryn Cline

Thursday, May 29th

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Location: NH 293

Free – space limited – RSVP required

In this workshop, we will work with botanicals to create a direct animation collage (aka “botanicollage”) film.  Making films with botanicals allows plants and people to interact in new ways. Working with a technique developed by the experimental filmmaker Stan Brakhage, we will paste plant parts onto 16mm clear or black leader and create a collaborative handmade film. All films made in the workshop will screen on Sunday, June 1, at 3:00pm at the Clinton Street Theater as part of Experimental Film Fest Portland.

Space limited. RSVP to Julie Perini, Assistant Professor (perini@pdx.edu) 

Sponsored by Experimental Film Fest Portland

Part of the One-Off Event Series: Workshops & Lectures in the Time-Based Arts / also part of ART 455: Time-Based Art Studio