Filmmaker Sought for Upcoming Event

My name is Justin Boggs and I am a current University of Oregon Art Major student. This email is in regards to an exciting competition I am holding in search of a film student, between the Seattle and Portland area, to video and edit the largest live spray paint event to ever take place in the Northwest. The location of the event is Onalaska, WA (90min south of Seattle) on Sat, May 17th. Before I go further, here is the description of the event as posted on the Facebook event page:

2014 Northwest Spray Day is set to be the first annual one day live spray painting event to take place in the small town of Onalaska, Washington. This location was chosen because it is directly between Seattle and Portland making it perfect for bringing together some of the best spray paint talent from the two largest cities in the Northwest. From 9am-7pm on Saturday, May 17th, 7 artist’s will be spray painting a 7 sided cement structure. The structure was made available by the support and effort of the Onalaska Volunteer Fire Department as well as the Lewis County Public Works administrators. A second structure that is a 300ft tall cement smokestack from the early 20th century will also be included in the event and have its base painted by an additional 3 artist’s. This 2nd structure is located at the edge of the parking area and has been made available due to the support of the Onalaska Alliance, a local nonprofit organization. A third cement structure that serves as a cover for an outdoor basketball court will also be included in the event and have its exterior painted by an additional 8 artists. This structure was made available due to the support of the Onalaska School District. So in all, a total of 18 artists will be painting roughly 10ftx300ft of combined wall space. To my knowledge, NWSD is going to be the largest spray paint event to ever take place in the Northwest!! We recommend you come around 1pm or later for the best viewing. The styles are going to range from high level graffiti lettering to abstract portrait pieces. There will be vending with cheeseburgers and a music booth set up with non-stop hip hop all day. The cost of this event is on a donation basis with all the proceeds being split amongst the artist’s. Each artist is spending $100 plus on paint supplies alone so please take that into consideration. Bring out some chairs and everyone that you know, it’s sure to be unlike any live event that has been held in Lewis County. Don’t forget your camera’s!!!!!!!

Location: Parking will be at Carlisle Lake (the mill pond). Once you are parked there will be signs directing you down the side road that is at the entrance of the lake parking area.

Artist lineup:

Syhis-Vancouver, BC
Live DJE-Portland
Michael B-Olympia
Ashley Montague-Portland

The way I have the competition set up is that the reward is solely the opportunity to get the credit for videoing this event. The video will be posted on all the social media and internet outlets that the videographer wishes to upload it to such as Vimeo, Youtube, ECT. The winning videographer will get there individual 3sec slide in the opening credits, listing there name and contact information. They will need to be at the event from 8:30am until 7pm. I can supply them with free food because we will be barbequing, but that is it because this event is costing $2000 and is only funded by donations from the local community. They will need to edit the footage into a length of 5-7min and have the final version completed by June 1st. I envision the video to have segments from all the artists participating with music as the audio, and from this foundation I will discuss more with the winning videographer some other ideas for the films approach. I think this is a great project for one of Portland States film students, and I’m positive some of the students will jump to the opportunity of filming this event. For the submissions, I am only requiring 1 video from each student to be sent to my email: The video submission must be one that was both filmed and edited by the student and also include a brief explanation as to why they are interested in being chosen to document this event. I will allow a team effort, the submission will just have to have a detailed paragraph stating the assigned jobs of those that makeup the team, paragraph of the teams interest for documenting this event, and a video from each member.

Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 12th at 8pm.

Link for the FB event page under “2014 Northwest Spray Day”

Justin Boggs
Northwest Spray Day Event Coordinator