Local Artist Seeks Filmmakers to Produce a Music Video

Shelly Rudolph Music: www.shellyrudolph.com

Project Title: Sentimental Walk

Project Description:
Music video for original song that will be a pre-release / promo launch for my full-length album. The music is cinematic, soulful, lush, intimate and spiritual. The instrumentation is: grammy winning cellist David Darling, widely acclaimed pianist and producer David Goldblatt, local treasure Chance Hayden on guitar and myself on vocals.

This first video will be less than three minutes in length. I have visual and storyline concepts for the project but there will definitely be room for collaboration and original ideas. 
Shooting will take place indoors (studio?) as well as outdoors. Cast will be minimal. 

What I am looking for:
Ideally I am looking for someone to partner with for future projects as well ie: kickstarter video and future music videos – which will include live footage of shows, interviews and ultimately a concert length film to project as a backdrop to my live performances. This final project will include music videos created this far, clips from live performances and still images and words. Again, I will have concepts but there will be plenty of room for your own creativity and inspiration.

Benefit to student: 
This project (as well as the others) will provide a wonderful opportunity to let your creativity and artistry come to the forefront. This album will be promoted locally, nationally and inernationally so there is the potential that the videos will reach a wide audience and get your name out there as well. It will also be great fun.

I am looking to complete the musical recording in April, 2014 and would love to have the video completed in June. 

Compensation: for the first two videos I will be able to cover expenses but will not have funds for additional compensation. I will, however, be able to offer some pay (love a bid for what the videos will cost!) afer the fact, once my kickstarter campaign has funded. Future work (post kickstater) will be compensated as well, though some of it might also follow this “after the fact” timeline as i will be applying for a grant for the multi-media/live show projects. I will do my best to have funds before the shooting starts though.

I actually do not know what type of equipment will be needed… but I have none!

If this is of interest to you, please contact me at:
or 503-04-0483