‘PolicyMic’ Selects Portland As One of the 5 Best Cities for 20-Something Artists Other Than New York

s3.amazonaws.com-policymic-images-f487b5896d60e17e8cabf608f0c4c286d446056905735ac004b064e0d2899e98“New York can be a great environment for the creative 20-something — but only if you’ve got endless funds, patience or both. And as the city continues to price us out, it’s important for young artists to consider other equally exciting and inspiring places to call home.

Whether you’re heading out on your own for the first time or simply feeling inspired for a change, this list of cities will satisfy your need for intellectual and creative stimulation while offering the opportunity to engage with other interesting millennials — without the stress of the mean streets of NYC.”

For the whole list and to read what they say about Portland, visit: http://www.policymic.com/articles/79793/5-best-cities-for-20-something-artists-other-than-new-york