Production Opportunity for Students!

viking motorsports
My name is Brad Scardino and I am the President of Viking Motorsports team here on campus. Every year our club designs, builds, and races a formula style race car at a competition in Lincoln, Nebraska. We do our best to run our club like a business. Part of this competition focus’s on the marketing and business side of race car design. As a part the business portion we give a presentation to potential investors (competition judges) who we want to give us seed money.

Something that would help us immensely would be to have a commercial to put in our presentation. Overall we have three film projects that we need to have done. The commercial for the presentation, a recruiting video to attract new members, and a longer commercial that we can use in our actual sponsorship presentations.

1. What is the name of your company/organization? 
Viking Motorsports
2. What is the title of your proposed project?
We do not have an official title, but two commercials (one short and one long) and a recruitment video.
3. Detail of project.
Short commercial – This is to provide the mock investors with an idea of our company’s product and capabilities.
Long commercial – This will be to help our potential sponsors (actual) know who we are and what our mission is.
Recruitment video – This is to help get potential members interested in the group and gets them talking to the leadership of our group.
4. Timeline?
The short commercial needs to be completed by early May 2014 and the other two have no hard deadlines however the sooner we have them done, the more help they will be.
5. Distributed/Screened?
The short commercial will be seen by the entire team, all sponsors, and judges at the competition. The long commercial will be seen by potential investors and the entire team. The recruitment video will be located on our facebook page and website for anyone to who visits them to see.
6. Funding?
We are funded through SALP, donations, and sponsors.
7. Expectations
We would like to have the student/students to be in charge of filming and editing the three films. They would need to do pretty much everything involved with help from us in set-up and any grunt work, but all of the technical work would need to be done by them.
8. Media production professionals?
9. Benefits
The student will get the experience of producing a commercial and video for a business from start to finish.
10/11. Monetary Compensation/Reimbursement? 
No monetary compensation can be provided, but we can provide transportation to and from any place they would need to be.
12. Production tools?
We have a DSLR and tripods. We do not have any video camera’s (other that what is on the DSLR camera), other production tools, or post production tools.
13. Hard Copy?
The student could keep a hard copy of each of these for themselves
14. Contact?