Film Registration Update

Film Majors + Minors,
Juniors started registering for Spring 2015 today, February 25, and Sophomores start on Monday, March 2nd. We know that some classes have filled, so check your email for notices about new sections as we open them. Put yourself on the wait list for any closed class. Do not wait to enroll.
Schedule of Classes:    
As Always (a variation for you Althusserians out there):
*If you have questions about your course plan or schedule, see your advisor ASAP
*If a class is closed, add yourself to the wait list so that the school can track demand and possibly add sections
*If you anticipate an enrollment issue (ex: approved prerequisite substitution that is not recognized by the registration software), contact the course instructor or your advisor prior to registration
*Low enrolled courses might be cancelled, so if you know that you want to take a course, don’t wait to register for it

Paid Internship Opportunity

Paid Internship:

Portland based Wedding Film and Online Video company. We focus on producing high-quality video as well as audio.

Production Assistant

Various Locations in Oregon. Main location: NW Portland

Part-time, Mainly Saturdays, Sunday and some weekdays, 6-9 hours/day, additional hours as required.



Working with videographers, this PA must be able to perform the following:

-Set up tripod, camera, audio.
-Set up H4N Zoom Recorder.
-Take initiative, be attentive and a fast learner.
-Know the principals of filmmaking and have a creative eye for good compositions.
-Assist videographers when needed.

We are looking for a student working towards or have achieved a diploma or bachelor’s degree in film production or media arts. They need to know how to use basic film equipment such as the H4N zoom recorder & other audio gear, cameras, & stabilization equipment. This student will have the opportunity to provide creative direction on projects.

Please send all resumes to

Contact Person: Andrea Nesbitt, Executive Director of Video Production

Submit Your Student Films

The Littman Gallery has issued a call to PSU students in all departments, all majors, to submit work to the 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition of PSU Student Work.
All submissions are due by midnight this Thursday, February 26.
As the deadline approaches fast, we’re reaching out to select departments, including film.
Our desire is to have the broadest, most cross-disciplinary representation of art in the show possible, and to increase your students’ awareness of opportunities to show their work on campus, and more importantly, encourage them to take the leap into presenting their work as art in a contemporary context.
We ask you to invite your students to submit their work via email to
Acceptable file formats include mp3, mp4, MOV and youtube / vimeo links.