Call for Entries

This is an open call for entries of compelling and relevant films focused on LGBTQ life and issues.

The Pride Foundation and The Audience Awards invite filmmakers to gain invaluable exposure and offer

$1000 in prizes.

The Pride Foundation and The Audience Awards are sponsoring a video competition where filmmakers

from all over the world are invited and encouraged to submit short films for The Pride Foundation’s Up &

Left LGBTQ Short Film Competition. The films are to be relevant and focus on LGBTQ life and issues and

must be under 30 minutes in length.

The entry fee is $30 and the filmmaker will be provided a filmmaker page where they connect with fellow

filmmakers and audiences. Filmmakers who submit their short films have a chance to win $1000 in prizes.

Pride Foundation will give the films with the most votes $1000 in prizes. The Audience Awards will give the

First Place winner $500, Second Place $350 and Third Place $150.

Submitting films to will give filmmakers the needed exposure to help their

filmmaking career. The Audience Awards provides a unique opportunity in the form of press and social

media engagement unlike anywhere else.

“The Audience Award not only gives a voice to filmmakers, it opens the flood gates for each artist to

experience another’s work. I was able to screen so many talented film makers on the Audience Award site

that I would not have been able to otherwise.” Audience Award wining filmmaker Michael Kehoe

Competition launches on June 2nd on The Audience Awards website. It is free for audience members to sign

up, watch, and vote for their favorite films. Audience members are allowed to vote for their favorite films

once a day.

Submissions for the Up & Left LGBTQ Short Film Competition started on March 9th and will continue until

June 1st. Voting will then begin on June 2nd and will run through June 11th.

About Pride Foundation

The goal of the Pride Foundation is to inspire giving and to expand opportunities and advance full equality

for LGBTQ people across the Northwest. Pride Foundation is a regional community foundation serving the

Northwest region of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington. Their vision is a world where all

LGBTQ youth, adults, and families can enjoy the freedom to live safely, openly, and genuinely. About The

Audience Awards

The Audience Awards is film’s social network, hosting online short film competitions where the audience

chooses the winners. They connect audiences to filmmakers, film festivals, films schools and businesses

through video competitions that award money to independent filmmakers and provide an audience for

their films. The Audience Awards also provide businesses quality branded video content and deep brand

engagement through user generated content competitions that reach a business’s target demographic and

increase global exposure. Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc. recently recognized The Audience Awards for its

innovative platform.

CONTACT: Paige Williams, Audience Awards Founder & CEO/406.532.5398/

Three Job Openings

We currently have three part-time positions open at Blacktop Films.
Blacktop is a small (6 talented people) film and video production company specializing in the arts.  Fine arts, contemporary craft, furniture and fixture design, fashion and music (classical, to jazz, to hip hop).  Within those categories we produce documentary-style commercials, web-site videos, social media pieces and longer film for events, fundraising, presentations and feature length documentary films for broadcast and distribution.
Check us out a:  Currently two of our films are pw protected (for music) the pw is the title in lower caps.
We also have a “long reel” that can be viewed at:
We are interested in meeting with film theory and production students who would fit into our creative atmosphere who have good disciplines.  Accuracy on computers, editing skills and a willingness to assist on shoots (carrying camera gear is required), operate a camera, help with editing on Premiere, and assistant producer duties and social media savvy.
Three positions are currently open.  All are part-time, all are paid positions.  Attached are the job requirements.
I hope to be hearing from PSU students soon.  If you have any additional questions please email me or call at 909-261-7719
Carolann Stoney
Executive Producer
Blacktop Films
1028 SE Water Avenue, #240
Portland, OR 97214

Enrollment Reminder

Fall 2015 enrollment is open and ongoing; priority registration begins for Juniors tomorrow, Wednesday, May 20, and for Sophomores on Tuesday, May 26.

New Class for Fall 2015: FILM 258 Documentary Film Production I, the first course in a three-course sequence in Documentary Film Production for 15-16 (FILM 258-361-362)

DOCUMENTARY FILM PROD I – 15090 – FILM 258 – 001
Scheduled Meeting Times

Type Time Days Where Date Range Schedule Type Instructors
Class 16:00 – 17:50 MW Neuberger Hall 504 28-SEP-2015 – 12-DEC-2015 Lecture Courtney L Hermann (P)

New Course Name: FILM 257 is Narrative Film Production I starting in Fall, the first course in a three-course sequence in Narrative Film Production for 15-16 (FILM 257-358-359)

Important Note: Students can take FILM 257 or FILM 258 as a prereq for all upper-division production courses: Documentary Film Production (FILM 361 and 362), Narrative Film Production (FILM 358 and 359), and FILM 360 topic courses.

Call for Proposals

This Request for Proposals (RFP) is being issued by the Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions (ISS) in partnership with the School of Art + Design. The purpose of the RFP is to solicit works of art, broadly defined, for the vacant lot located at SW 4th Avenue and Lincoln Street, which is directly adjacent to the School of Art + Design.

ISS has allocated a total of $10,000 to assist with the production of art installations, creative activities, performances, or events for the site, and anticipates granting three to four awards. All works of art need to be completed and ready for display or performance during the opening of the MAX Orange Line on September 12, 2015.

Proposals must be submitted via this form by noon on Monday, June 15.


The lot is owned by TriMet, who has enlisted Portland State University to help enliven the site and bring vitality to the area. This is particularly important during the opening celebrations for the new MAX Orange Line, since the line passes by the site. Opening ceremonies for the Orange Line will occur on September 12, 2015 at Lincoln Station, which is across the street.

The lot is a 17,000 square foot, paved, fenced space that TriMet used for staging the construction of the new MAX Orange Line. Now that the line is built, the lot is surplus and may eventually become the site of a new art building for Portland State University.

With the lot located adjacent to the current PSU Art Building, the School of Art + Design has worked with PSU Facilities to secure access to, and use of, the site as a means of raising the visibility of the school and its programs through the creation of art at the site. On May 6, 2015, Portland State University received a revocable temporary use permit to use the lot for “art installations, events, and music.”

TriMet noted that the granting of the permit is intended to activate the site, and that PSU’s use of the site must be active—no storage or parking is allowed. In addition, the permit stipulates that Portland State will provide an “art installation” on the property in conjunction with the opening events for the Orange Line, which will take place all day on Saturday, September 12, 2015.

The Institute for Sustainable Solutions has recognized that the lot could create the opportunity for innovative demonstrations about the meaning and importance of sustainability by engaging a wide range of disciplines and interests on campus. Through involvement with the lot, ISS hopes to engage the School of Art + Design more directly in the sustainability mission of the University, and make Portland State’s commitment to and excellence in sustainability visible and evident to the Orange Line’s tens of thousands of opening day visitors and daily riders.


This project embodies a number of key themes of interest to ISS, the School of Art + Design, and to Portland State more generally:

  • The lot serves as an important intersection. From a transportation point of view, it’s the place where the new Orange Line joins the existing MAX Light Rail system. It’s also a place where the highway meets and intersects central city roads and the transit system. The PSU neighborhood is the largest and busiest transit hub in the entire TriMet system. Additionally, we see this site as a critical intersection between the arts and the wide range of disciplines at the University, and between the University and the wide range of activities in the city.
  • The lot provides a gateway to Portland State and downtown. It sits at the margins of the PSU campus, inviting university/community collaboration and engagement.
  • The lot embodies a distinct and deep sense of time. Old South Portland was an essential building block for the city we know today. Prior residents on and near the site have been leaders and builders on whose shoulders the city took root and grew. Its association with the Orange Line, and the new Tilikum Crossing Bridge, reflects both an acknowledgement of those that came before us, and the future potential for the city and the region.
  • The lot speaks directly to the triple bottom line of sustainability. Located within the South of Market EcoDistrict, the lot seeks to stand as a living demonstration of neighborhood-scale sustainability development principles.
  • The lot is an inclusive catalyst for engagement. The genius of a city is its inherent potential for people to engage with other people to create culture and new knowledge. We see the lot as a vehicle for serving that fundamental characteristic and purpose of a good city.

Opportunity Details

To realize the full immediate potential of the vacant lot at SW 4th Avenue and Lincoln Street, and to engage a broad cross-section of Portland State University students, faculty, and staff in making the area a thriving place, the PSU Institute for Sustainable Solutions and School of Art + Design are announcing a call for proposals to create art installations, creative activities, performances, or events for the site. Proposals should anticipate a budget of $2,000 to $4,000. All selected projects must be ready for presentation to the public by 8 a.m. on Saturday, September 12, 2015, and winners should be prepared to spend the day at the event. Proposals must be submitted via this form by noon on Monday, June 15. Winners will be chosen by Friday, June 19. Access to the lot can begin on Monday, July 6, and winners will receive award funds by that time.

In particular, we are looking for projects that:

  1. Address and embrace the key themes identified in the context above.
  2. Use the site as a canvas, being at once site-specific and scaled to the opportunities afforded by its size and scale.
  3. Create appealing reasons for being present on the site and engaging others there as well. Proposers may want to investigate examples of pop-up urbanism, like parklets, picnics, the “tea horse” of the City Repair Project, or others as elements for their projects.
  4. Incorporate a strong and evident commitment to materials conservation and reuse in the design of anything added to the site.

A Final Word

Through these project awards, we aim to create a space that is smart, fun, welcoming, and memorable for the University and the broader Portland community. Playfulness, irreverence, humility, and profound respect for the audience will be rewarded.

Key Dates

  • Proposals due: June 15, 2015 by noon
  • Proposers notified of selection: June 19, 2015
  • Site available for work: July 6, 2015
  • Award funds available: July 6, 2015
  • Artwork ready for display: September 10 (or if performance September 12)


All current Portland State University students, faculty, or staff are eligible to apply as individuals or as part of a team.

Selection Criteria

Submittals will be judged on the following criteria:

  1. How the artwork addresses the site context, described above.
  2. How the artwork makes use of reclaimed or recycled materials or incorporates themes of sustainability.
  3. The artist’s demonstrated ability to complete the artwork by the dates indicated above.



Production Job

Organization name

NIDA Clinical Trials Network

The title of your proposed project

Therapeutic Educational System

The project

We are a non-profit seeking to hire a student/young filmmaker to help us with a project.  We are updating an online educational program called the Therapeutic Educational System.   We would need voice overs for 27 modules (each about 5-6 minutes).   In addition we need 4-5 video vignettes each around 90 seconds to 2 minutes.  All work will be done in Portland. We have the scripts and the actors.   We need someone to film and edit the short videos as well as record and edit the voice overs.

The educational program will be used with American Indian/Alaska Natives who are in a drug treatment program as a tool to help them stop using drugs and alcohol.

Here is an example of what the program looks like:

On the top of the page click on TAC examples, click TES, click About TES.  This page describes our program and has a link to the module itself (scroll down towards the bottom for the video).

Once you click on the video you can click on the arrows at the bottom right of the screen to move through it.


We are hoping to conduct this work in August/September 2015 in the Portland area. We hope to do the video shooting over 2 days during that time and a few weeks for video editing and voice over recording/editing.

What is expected from the student

The student will film and edit the videos along with record and edit the voice overs. All production tools will be the student’s responsibility. We will hire the actors and write the scripts.

We will upload the video and voice overs onto our program.

Student benefits

The student will gain experience and build their portfolio. The student will be compensated $4,000 upon satisfactory completion of work.

Contact Us

You may contact Eva Turrigiano at for more information and to apply.