Study Irish Film and Production in Dublin, Ireland!


Next summer, Portland State Film professor Dustin Morrow will lead a study abroad program in Dublin, Ireland, focused on Irish film studies and film production.  During five weeks (late June to early August), students will take two courses for 8 credit hours: Irish Cinema, in which they will study Irish film history and Irish cultural identity; and Irish Film Production, in which they will make their own short films in Dublin (the course assumes no prior knowledge of production).

Students will learn from Irish filmmakers, actors, producers, and film historians; take field trips to film locations and the Irish Film Institute; and spend a full weekend at Ireland’s largest film festival, the Galway Film Fleadh.  Students will also visit other prominent cultural and historical sites, like cathedrals and monasteries, theaters, prisons, parks and gardens.

For more information, contact Prof. Morrow at and request an info packet.

Or visit the program’s website here:

Production Opportunity for Students

The name of my organization is: Barri (pronounced Bah-ree) Productions

Who am I? My name is Debbie Ethell and I recently graduated from PSU with a science degree.

I went back to school for the sole purpose of filming this show and telling this story. I have studied African elephants for many years and have been asked to contribute my research to several projects with captive elephants in American zoos. I have been studying a particular group of elephants in Kenya for more than 20 years and I know everything about the more than 300 I have been following. Their stories are completely amazing. I met with the organization and have gained permission to not only share the stories of the individual elephants but was given access to share the organization’s story and use all of their archived footage. My goal is to weave science into the stories in order to lend credibility to these sometimes, unbelievable stories.

There are plenty of documentaries out there rattling off all the facts and the figures of elephant poaching but few, if any, focus on the elephants themselves with all their individual personality quirks, their compassion and all the ways in which they are just like us.

The title of my project is: The Trust

Description of project: This is a weekly, documentary television series with 13, 47-minute episodes. The basic concept is a love story between two unlikely species who simply couldn’t find love like this any other way. This character- driven documentary television series focuses on a group of people in the heart of Kenya working to protect and release orphaned elephants back into the wild. The powerful ties that bind the two together are revealed long after the elephants have been released back into the wild.

The bonds formed among the defenseless baby elephants and the men who raise them show the extraordinary depth of compassion and humanity between the two. Because much of the action is set in remote parts of Kenya, the show will also feature how the “luckiest” babies come to be saved. The opportunities afforded by such a venue – dramatic, heartwarming, inspiring and devastating – are limitless.

What I need help with:

1) WRITING – I need someone to help me turn my outlines for individual episodes into scripts. Since this is a documentary television series I’m not sure how best to do this. Much of the story is being told from the past using voice overs and archived footage. I need someone who can turn these incredible stories into magic on paper. The stories are all true so there isn’t anything to “make-up” it just needs to be translated into actual scripts. This can be one student or a group of students that can help me with each episode. I can provide all of the research and background for each episode. Each student will be given credit on each episode completed.

2) BUDGETS – I need help to fine-tune a budget for the pilot series of this show. The show will be filmed on location in Kenya, Africa. I have an outline for everything I think I need but I need help to fill in the blanks. I have traveled to Kenya and know the costs of everything from food to drivers to lodging. It is the cost of equipment, permits, day rates for production, editing…etc., that I need help fine-tuning.

2) SHOOTING SCHEDULE – I need help with the creation of a shooting schedule.

3) FUNDING – At the moment I have no funding but would like help in pursuing grant funders

that are already funding similar efforts. I can use help in writing grants and in the research of other potential funders I may not be aware of. Any money raised will also go to paying for the student’s time dedicated to this project.

How will a student benefit? At the very least I can offer an internship and credit for work performed. It will also be possible to be hired on the project if I decide to film the show using my production company, Barri Productions, instead of “pitching” to an outside one.

What monetary compensation can I offer the student? At the moment I cannot offer monetary compensation. A portion of any grant money raised will go towards paying any students who worked on this project. Before we begin any work we will determine an hourly rate that will be paid if any money is raised during the time the student is working on the project

Reimbursement for travel expenses: There are no travel expenses for the time being. I can meet the student (s) on PSU’s campus or at another desired location.

Expectations of student: If a student decides they would like to participate then I would expect to meet with them once a week and go over the previous weeks work. After meeting and discussing in further detail exactly what I need the student can decide if this is something they can do and, at that time, we can create a weekly goal. I will be available by phone and by email as much as the student needs and can easily work around their school schedule.


Please feel free to contact me anytime if you are interested.

Debbie Ethell

(503) 995-2853

Made in Oregon: 16mm Films at the Hollywood Theater


Wednesday, November 12th at 7:30pm  |  $8

From the vaults of the Oregon Historical Society comes an evening of 16mm films produced by local area businesses. Primarily from the 1960s through the early 1980s, these films were created as public service announcements, training films and as plain old goofy advertisements. Learn why it might make sense to open an Organ Grinder franchise, how Son of Hibachi makes the party or why Homer Groening thinks we can make the world a better place. Some of the local institutions that will grace the big screen with their weirdness include: The Organ Grinder, The Oregon Zoo, Tektronix, Jantzen Swimwear, Blitz Beer and more.

Running time approximately 70 minutes.

All films will be shown on 16mm film. – See more at:

A Month of “The Monster Squad”


Those of you who enjoyed director Fred Dekker’s multi-event visit to Portland State Film last week might find the site “Branded in the 80s” interesting right now, because they are currently doing a monthlong study of Fred’s classic horror-comedy “The Monster Squad”, including a detailed breakdown of the script, the production processes and the film’s release.  Today’s post looks at the premiere of the film, featuring nearly 30-year-old photos of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland, and of course, Fred Dekker!

Check it out here:

Music Video Course Returns for Winter Term


Returning in the 2015 Winter term will be Prof. Morrow’s popular music video course.  In this course you study the history of music videos, the theory in music’s intersection with the moving image, and make your own music videos.  You will also learn how the music video industry operates, as Prof. Morrow draws on his years of experience in producing and editing music videos in Los Angeles.

This class tends to fill up fast, grab your spot as soon as you can register!

Matthew Cowan – Resource Room Residency Screening


Strange Tales*

RRR Screening: October 30, 7:30 PM. Doors open at 7:00 PM

Matthew Cowan and PICA are pleased to present an evening of haunted (and not so haunted) projections – including 35mm filmstrips, 16mm motion pictures and glass lantern slides. The program may include civil rights news footage from Portland in the 1970s, a Czech interpretation of a L. Carroll poem, a how-to on identifying whether your house is haunted and an educational slide show from the Portland school system. Eye surgery footage – in color – will not be screened but 1920s goiter surgery – in B&W – might make an appearance. *Children strongly cautioned. Adults forewarned.

Films and slides are generously provided by the Oregon Historical Society as well as private donors. Total running time approximately 70 minutes.

This is the second public program of None of Your Funeral, a 2014 Resource Room Residency at PICA. These programs hope to explore both personal and shared histories through public exhibition of original materials.

Images from the Fred Dekker Directing Workshop

In late October, the renowned genre writer and director Fred Dekker visited our campus for a packed directing workshop with students, an enlightening career talk, and a nearly sold-out screening of his classic The Monster Squad at the Hollywood Theater.  These photos were taken at the Directing Workshop.

IMG_6212 IMG_6205 IMG_6197 IMG_6177 IMG_6170 IMG_6154